Before you send us an email, please read the “Frequently Asked Questions”. It could save precious time for you and for us.

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1Where can I find the starting lists of the upcoming competition?
If you do not find any starting lists, don´t worry. The list will be published at the portal after the registration deadline. We ask for some patience. Starting lists can only be created after the registration-deadline. The exact start for each discipline is fixed after registration-deadline.
2Do you already have a schedule?
The schedule can only be created after or shortly before the registration deadline, as we ourselves do not know how many dances will compete in which disciplines. Please do not send us any inquiries about this. As soon as we have a schedule, it will be published in the portal.
3Can I change something in the order of performances?
To change something in the starting order, write an email to We do not postpone dances where there are already two or more dances in between.
4How can I qualify for the International Championships (ICS)?
You have to score 70 points in the Amateur and 75 points in the ProAm class. The points can be awarded in the first and second rounds. For further information please have a look at our Rating System.
5Have you received the membership fee?
We ask you to be a bit patient. Checking the membership fees may take up to three weeks. You will receive an email as soon as the incoming payment has been verified.
6Can I make changes after the registration deadline?
Any changes made after the registration deadline will result in an administration fee of 35 Euros. However, we reserve the right to reject changes. This may be necessary when preparations for the competition are too advanced to make changes.
7I would like to order more trophies.
It is possible to order trophies? (Only while supplies last). Please contact the organiser of the competition.
8How do I get pictures or videos of the competition?
Photos and videos can be obtained in different ways. Here, each competition has its own procedure. You can see this on the sub pages of the respective nation.
9Can I take photos or videos?
Photography is permitted in the side stands WITHOUT flash.
10How many supervisor wristbands are granted?
01-10 dancers – One supervisor wristband.
11-20 dancers – Two supervisor wristbands.
21-30 dancers – Three supervisor wristbands.
31-40 dancers – Four supervisor wristbands.
41-50 dancers – Five supervisors wristbands.
51-60 dancers – Six supervisor wristband
Every headmaster receives a wristband.
11How much do the entry-ticket cost?
The price depends on the location – every venue has a different price. Check the individual competitions website to get more information.
12How often does the dancer fee have to be paid?
The dancer fee is payable once per year and per dancer.
13Can I participate without being a member?
YES. Everything about registration can be found here (click me)
14Is it allowed to compete under two different studios at one competition?
This is not allowed - each dancer may only compete for one school/club.

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