A.S.D.U. International – Austrian Show Dance Union

The Austrian Show Dance Union International - short A.S.D.U. international was founded in 1998 and held the first Austrian Open in Klagenfurt already in the same year. The umbrella organization for musical & show dance in Austria is the largest volunteer-run organization for dancers, dance schools, clubs and dance studios in Austria. With the annual Austrian Open, new impulses were created for the entire Austrian dance scene. In 2000, participants from Austria qualified for the US Open for the first time. Since 2010, the successful model has also been exported to other countries such as Hungary, Germany, Italy, Poland and Serbia. As a result, a International Championships was also held, for which the best entries in the nationwide tournaments can qualify. The A.S.D.U. international is a colorful network of dance schools, studios, clubs as well as established and renowned schools and training centers.


A.S.D.U. International
e-mail: office@asdui.org

Team of A.S.D.U. International

Rudolf Mlaker | Honorary President
Karin Csitkovics | President
Michaela Kastner | Vice President
Sabine Zechner | Financial Officer
Judith E. Kaufmann | Deputy Financial Officer
Claudia Hippmann | Secretary
Alexander Tinodi | Deputy Secretary
Karl-Heinz Kaufmann | Auditor
Jörg Hippmann | Auditor
Christoph Paul Pedretscher | Data protection manager + Tournament One