We asked - You answered.
Now it's our turn to implement it.

Thank you to everyone for taking part in our survey. More than 10% of our members gave us comprehensive feedback.
We read every single piece of feedback and process it statistically. Since the survey was anonymous, we cannot respond to individual feedback.
We picked out the points with the most feedback and are allowed to present them below:

People from these countries took part in the survey.
Information about the type of people participating in the survey.
We are a non-profit association and we are looking for organizers for our competitions in all European countries. We'll creating a page suppling informations nescessary to become an organizer.
Following the results of the survey, the two-round system will be retained in the national ASDUI competitions.
Following the results of the survey, we will design the order of the dance contributions according to “age groups” in 2024.

Other points that were frequently reflected in the survey.


Costs were frequently mentioned in the feedback. We are a non-profit organization andcontinue to organize partizipation in ASDUI
championships at the lowest possible cost.

As an example, the change in the schedule -the starting order of the dance entries according to "age groups" should be mentioned.
The costs are reduced because not every dancer has to be present on all championship days.

We will be implementing the following changes to schedules 

  • In the future we will issue the start lists with time information. These timings will be indicative.
  • In the future there will be an option in the portal to see which dance has just been danced in order to also be able to offer an online option for tracking the start list. The programming is already in progress.
  • Minis and children dance until 8 p.m. at latest. 

A few points about judges

  1. Judges does not see school names on their tablets/PCs/papers.
  2. Judgeing  only based on dance and performance, not on schoolname.
  3. When jurors speak at the jury desk, they only talk about possible/necessary dance postponements, special prizes or dancers' performances.
    There are no agreements made about schools, headmasters or anything similar. Conversations of this kind would be immediately stopped by the hall speaker, who also sits at the jury desk next to the jurors. 
    However, such an intervention has never been necessary.

"I want to take pictures!" -> OK, lets try one more time again

Until now, photography and filming were not permitted. The main reasons are:

  • Flashes and lights from cameras and cell phones distract the dancers and the judges. 
  • Furthermore the rights to a dance choreography lies with the respective choreographer and the dance school.
    A film ban was also imposed to protect their rights and to prevent “theft of ideas”.

We want to try again. Filming and photography WITHOUT FLASH will be permitted.
However, not in front of the jury (in the middle area), but only in the marked side areas in front of the Stage. 

Information sharing

We know we have room for improvement when it concerns the sharing of information.
In the future, all information about the venue, the event location and how to get there will be published exclusively on the homepage.
Information about the starting list, qualified dances and award ceremony will only be communicated in the registration portal.
There is NO login/registration required to view these lists.
Facebook and Instagram are used for pictures and short-term competition updates.



We are already in contact with the respective caterers and will try to influence both the healthy offer and the negtiate longer opening times.


Members create decisions

In the future, we would like to ask the opinions of our ASDUI members and record ideas and suggestions.
That's why we will initiate surveys at regular intervals to help us make important decisions.
We ask you and wish you continued active participation.